The Importance of Protecting Hair While Sleeping


The importance of protecting hair while sleeping

  During the day, we usually spend time taking care of and applying products on our hair to ensure it grows, shines and is overall healthy. However, most of our effort may go to waste if we do not properly protect this hair that we have rightly stressed over at all times. Actually, hair protection and maintenance are not just needed during the day but invariably, also at night. 

 While sleeping, the friction of the hair with the pillow and the bed can undo all the efforts made on the hair during the day. A number of procedures are done to ensure proper hair protection at night. Adhering to this procedure would certainly ensure the protection of the hair during night rest. This includes


  • Using a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner on your damp, washed hair before sleeping. This would help to keep the hair hydrated during your sleep and a moisturized hair would be observed the next morning.
  • Applying oil to the end of your hair, if you have long hair. Since sebum which is an oily secretion by the sebaceous gland may not reach the tip of very long hair, it is advised to especially oil the tip with natural oils including almond oil, papaya oil, shea butter or coconut oil.
  • Drying your hair before sleeping. When hair is wet, it is in its most fragile form and very prone to breaking on stress. Therefore, it is best to air dry or dry your hair using a low-temperature hair dryer.
  • Brushing your hair gently when it is already dry. This would help to redistribute oil along the length of the hair and to get rid of some tangles that could worsen during sleep.
  • Using a silk or satin pillowcase when sleeping. This is because these materials are not harsh or coarse but instead have a smooth texture and are less likely to pull at hair and cause breakage.
  • Wrapping your hair in a suitable head wrap. This could be a silk bandana or bonnet, turban or simply a smooth cotton head scarf.
  • Tying up long hair even if it is already in a head wrap. The best material to tie the hair with is the scrunchie material. The elastic rubber band for hair can cause hair breakage due to strain and is not ideal.

Inadequate hair protection at night may lead to various hair problems including

  • Breaking hair
  • Frizz hair
  • Dirty hair
  • Tangled hair
  • Dehydrated hair
  • Bad looking hair
  • Loss of normal hair texture.

It is very important to protect the hair to prevent these potential hair problems because it should be cared for 24/7.  In fact, there should be extra protection while sleeping because we are not fully away of our sleeping patterns, habits, and movements.

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