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" I had results sooner that 8 days. I had results in 5 days. I have no idea how the blend is but I've never found anything like this before. This trio box works so well on my hair. My hair is so long and so soft. The amla that is in on the oil helps nourish my hair likenever before. I appreciate Groveda for all their help in providing me with tips and to even point out what I was doing wrong. I love you guys" Erica - Texas


"My hair is so silky! I started to see results after the first week. So 7 days. I could literally feel my hair growing" Paula - California


"I live in China and was able to purchase this oil through a third party carrier. So happy I decided to give this oil a try. My hair has been revived. I had a bad hair cut and hair dye. I experienced massive shedding and breakage that I was clearly brought to tear over it. After using Groveda Hair Growth Serum my hair is healthy, thicker and stronger. I don't have shedding anymore either. This stuff is a forever staple of mine" Sherry - China


"Forget about using anything else for your hair growth needs. Your hair will grow! Mine grew pass my shoulder in no time. I never had hair this long. Thanks guys for all your help" Shaunda - Washington



"AMAZING PRODUCT!!!! I purchased for myself a couple of months ago, and couldn't BELIEVE the RESULTS!!! My hair was thinning QUICKLY from stress, I tried everything..even Bosley! I cam let across Groveda mentioned in a blog, someone was SWEARING BY IT! I gave it a go, and now it's my turn to swear by it! I noticed my hair stopped falling out in FIRST 2 USES! baby hairs are now coming in! LOVE LUV" ~ Dana - Virginia 


"Just started using so fair after 2 days of use hair feels so and silky very pleased" ~ Violet - New York

"Oh what to say!? THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST HAIR GROWTH PRODUCT I HAVE TRIED YET..and, I have tried them ALL! From dermatologist RX, to Bosley's Lazer cap, to HIGH END Salon Grade products...to (FINALLY) GROVEDA!! I had read someone's mention of Groveda in a different product's (and company's) review..they said GROVEDA can't be matched..gave it a whirl..THEY WERE 100% RIGHT! GROVEDA SAVED ME! " 


"It really does help with hair growth, and my hair feels real soft and shiny after I wash it out.. ~ Brenda - Florida



 "I received my item within the estimated time frame. I am an African American-Cuban mix woman with 3b-3c hair type. After several weeks of use, I noticed that my hair began to thicken when it had previously started to become thin and weak. I also noticed about 1 1/2 inches of new growth over a sixty day period. I recommend this product for healthier hair and scalp, thicker and longer hair." ~ Brooks - Maryland

"My hair is so much more healthier and is growing longer and my hair is very soft I like to put this on then leave overnight then wash out the next morning then use a very tiny amount to put back in my wet hair to tame FlyAway's." ~ Lisa ~ Virginia

"I am very happy with the hair products, I am getting fast results my hair has grown in places that I thought could not grow anymore. Thanks to Groveda Hair Growth." ~ Rhonda - California


"So I usually never write reviews but I feel like I should with this product. I am a skeptic when it comes to products like these because usually it never works but this product works wonders!! I have only been using it for a little over a month and i have noticed that my hair has grown drastically and that's what I was aiming for by purchasing this product. I use it 3 times a week, I wash my hair every three days in the mornings. The night before I'm going to wash it I sleep with Groveda in my hair. Like everyone before they buy something online they read the reviews, in some of the reviews it said that they had a hard time washing it out but I have never had an issue with washing it out. Although, after I wash it the next morning my hair gets really frizzy until it is completely dry and I've never had a problem with frizz. What has also helped me grow my hair out is taking biotin religiously and not using any kinds of heat on my hair because it is so damaging! I would definitely recommend Groveda to anyone who is looking to grow their hair out or make it thicker, it definitely has worked miracles for me!" 


"This seems to be working well on growth. I used to use Gro-Aut oil but my hair plateaued at shoulder length. Couldn't see significant growth once I got to shoulder length. Liquid Gold worked good too but they changed the formulation and it smells too much like sulfur now. It also just sits on the scalp now and doesn't sink into skin. Have been using this for three weeks now and I do have noticeable growth. The top is growing like wildflower but the back is slow to grow. Maybe my back just grows slower than other sections. I cut my hair terribly so I'm evening the front to back so it's working good for what I need. But again, slow growth on the back with excellent growth on my sides and crown. Will purchase again. Also, my edges are Ridiculous!!! I never had edge problems but now the hairs on my edges are growing into spiral curls. So DOPE!" - Tanisha 

"I have been using less than a week and have noticed some growth already and my hair is very soft and shiny it makes my brush go right through my hair without pulling on knots." ~ Dee

"Everyone knows I love my daughter, but after giving birth to her 18 months ago my hair has been falling out and I don't mean a few strands here and there. I mean clumps of hair would come out after combing it or during a shower. Running my fingers through it would leave my hand covered in hair. (I wash my hair once a week) I've talked to my doctors and they've all said it was normal but they could never tell me when it would stop. I've had thin hair all my life, but I've had a lot of it. I've tired everything under the sun to stop my hair from falling out to coconut oil (which is great for your hair) to even castor oil (which is supposedly great for your hair too) but no matter the amount of research or diet changes I did nothing seemed to help. It's so bad that no matter what I do my hair just seems to fall out. It doesn't matter if I'm watching a movie, or giving my daughter a bath my hair just falls out. I've cried in the shower, wondering if God hated me, (which is crazy I know he loves me) but in the moment the doubt is there. I feel hopeless most days and it's become a battle to love myself. And then one day I stumbled across a hair serum that promise all these things. (Found it on amazon) Now I've looked at many serums that promise all the same things but the prices were not something I wanted to pay when it was all risks I had to take. Then I came across "Gro-Veda hair growth Serum." Was I worried it wouldn't work? Of course because nothing else had, but what did I have to lose? The price was amazing with shipping it cost less then $20 (thank you no sales tax in Delaware) Last night was the first night I used it. (You leave it in over night) And when I finally put my daughter down for her nap I hopped in the shower dreading that clumps of hair would end up in my hands. To my surprise that didn't happen! Only one or two strands came out! I let my hair dry naturally, and decided to comb it once it was completely dry. Was I worried again? You bet. But to my surprise again nothing was on the comb! Not a single strand of hair! I can't remember the last time that's ever happened. I know this all sounds too good to be true, but guess what this product actually works I couldn't be happier. It's left my hair feeling so soft and less frizzy. I'm not worried about my hair growing right now. My plan is just to get my hair from falling out. Tonight is my second time using it and I can't wait to see the results in the morning." ~ Taler

"I absolutely love this product. It has helped my hair become healthier and thicker. I will purchase again"

"Love this product it definitely works i seen a itch grow with 2 weeks very satisfied with this product will be purchasing more."

"I have curly hair and with stress and winter wear, my hair began to think and become limp and ugly.. using this product has made my hair so much thicker and fuller and my curls are beautiful and healthy looking!!!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!!!"

"This thing reallyyy works!!! Its been 2weeks since i started using it and my hair has grown at least 2 cms! It's incredible! Before, my hair was right at the tip of my nose.. And now its lower! Im super super happy because i really need my hair to grow fast for my upcoming wedding and this has been working a miracle!" ~ Margarita




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