My hair is damaged and not growing. Which bundle should I get?

The All In One Bundle is ideal for those wanting to increase growth, yet, repair damaged hair. It will help to promote retention, thicker, longer, healthier hair. The vegan vitamins will also assist in preventing further hair damage and halted growth.

I just want an increase of growth. My hair and scalp is healthy. Which one should I get?

Hi, we are assuming you want to know which Bundle you should get. ;-) Since, your hair and scalp is already healthy, we suggest the Matcha Green Tea Avocado Hair Growth Bundle. 

Is this for permed or relaxed hair? Great question!

Both, it does not matter if the hair is permed or relaxed. 

Do these products help with Alopecia?

Our products do not cure or prevent any medical issues. We do have a lot of customers who have great results in combating Alopecia. 


I have a bald spot which products are good in filling it in?

The best bundle for balding areas is our All In One Bundle. It will assist in filling in bald spots, thinning hair and hair loss and help provide preventative measures. Many have experienced an increase in hair growth, thicker hair, longer nails, edges and balding areas filled in,  and an overall health of the hair and scalp.


When should I expect results?

Some of our clients see results in less than 7 days. While some it may take longer. We suggest giving the Growth Collection 30 - 90 days. 


Can I dilute the Vegan vitamins in water? 

Yes, you can! You can easily dilute them in your favorite juice as well. 


Can my 2 year old use these products?

Our products are ideal for children 3 years of age an older. Although parents have used the products on their children of a younger age. Since the products are customized to increase growth using herbs and essential oils, some children may not like the activation on the scalp. Some may also be allergic to certain products. Therefore it is always advised to conduct a allergen test at any age as one may be allergic to the ingredients. 


Can my daughter take the Vitamins? 

Hi, our vegan vitamins are for Adults ages 18 years of age or older. Please sign up for our VIP newsletter where you'll be the first to know about more products for children, specifically.


How do I get hair growth while wearing braids or weaves? 

Awesome question;

The best way to use our products with protective styles is to apply our hair growth serum on your scalp every other day. Each serum will come with a pointer cap to gain easy access to your scalp. Secondly, take our vitamins on daily basis.

When it’s time to wash, use our shampoo, conditioner and Matcha Green Tea Hair Mask. You can get the entire bundle on our website at www.grovedasolutions.com.


How often do I use the shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum? 

Great question! The directions for each product are located on the product label itself. In regards to what order to use them, please see below; 

First, you will use Groveda Shampoo, your main focus should be your scalp. Afterwards, apply the conditioner to damp hair. Leave on for 15 minutes or more. You may also place a plastic cap on the head so that the conditioner can easily absorb unto the hair.
Next, apply Matcha Green Tea Avocado Hair Mask to the hair. Place a plastic cap upon your head for another 15 minutes or more. Rinse and allow the hair to dry.
Apply the serum to your scalp using the cap with the red tip. Proceed with a 2-5 minute gentle massage. The serum is most effective prior to bed or early in the morning.
At night apply a plastic cap or bonnet to the head after you have applied the serum. The serum should be applied to the scalp every other day. The serum can be applied twice a day as well for optimal results.


I'm expecting. Can I use your products? 

Congratulations! We will greatly suggest you consult your medical doctor for guidance prior to taking any vitamins or products. 

I have a perm, Can I still use your products? I hear some good things about them so I am very anxious to use them? 

Yes, you can! 

I Have Alopecia And Also Take Blood Pressure Medication Is This Product Ok To Use? 

Hi there! We’ve definitely helped those with Alopecia quite well. However, each person is different. We suggest you try it to see if the products will work for you. We aren't sure if you can use the products while on medicine as we have not conducted any testing for medication. If you could ask you medical doctor first, that would be great. All of our ingredients are listed on our website at www.grovedasolutions.com

Will my hair fall out if I stop using the products? 

No, not unless you do something to your hair or body or something of that nature. You just won't experience the reason you bought the products :-) 


How does After Pay work and will my products still ship on time? 

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with After Pay. You can pay in 4 installments with zero interest. Here's an example: If your total order was $100.00, you'd pay $25.00 every two weeks without interest. How awesome is that!!  Your order will ship within our normal timeframe so that you don't have to wait. 


Do you allow wholesale?

Yes, for inquiries please send an email to info@grovedahairsolutions.com, Attn: Michelle Carr