Is It True That Playing In Your Hair Cause Hair Loss or Baldness?


Many people wonder if playing in your hair too much cause hair loss or balding. In everything that you do to your hair remember that it really does matter. But, how and why does it cause this..or does it really? 

As hair grows some experience hair loss. You may notice more hair in the sink.

Here's some reasons why: 

Hair loss can increase do to having a bad growth environment. This occurs when your scalp has dirt, build - up or grime, thus the hair follicles won't grow and the cycle of hair goes bananas. 

Another reason is tight ponytails, or even hair styles that cause your stress on your hair follicles ie. braids. Thus they may become weaker and more prone to damage. 

Combing your hair back to much can cause hair stress as well.  Oh, what about running your fingers through your hair? Yep, it can place stress on the scalp as well. 

Everything you do too your hair can have a negative impact now or overtime, if your not taking care of it properly. 

So, how to protect your hair? 

Join us on this 3 days series on ways to protect your hair, so that it can not only grow, but grow consistently. After all this is what you want, right? 

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