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It is usually amazing to have someone stop you and go “is this your hair?” with that wide-eyed wow factor on their face, and then you nod shyly. Our customers are experiencing just that. 

There are many factors that contribute to hair growth or hair loss, that is why recommend top notch products, be careful with the products you apply on your hair.

However, there are a few ways you can stimulate your hair growth.

  • Use Groveda Hair Solutions Hair serum for growth: The Groveda hair serum is made from vitamins that are important to hair growth, using it once or twice time daily will activate your hair follicles, stimulating rapid hair growth, and keeping your hair healthy as well. The serum will help to fill in edges, bald spots. If your desire is to gain thicker, longer hair...Groveda serum is the way to go.  


  • Try aerobic activities: While this sounds bizarre, it is very true. When carrying out aerobic activities the transportation of blood and oxygen around the body is improved greatly, these are two things that help stimulate hair growth. So when they are working as they should and even better, using the right hair products, then hair growth is inevitable. Try out a bit of exercising and aerobics to encourage hair growth.


  • Moisturize constantly: dry and brittle hair will not grow. There is no magic there, you need to keep your hair moisturized as much as possible, with the LCO mixture. The LCO is the liquid, cream, oil mixture. To get this, pour in some of your leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle, add the Groveda hair serum, then add distilled water, shake all together till it mixes properly, then spray on hair. If possible, carry it around, your hair needs to remain moisturized always.


  • Use hand to loosen tangles: To save your hair from split ends, which eventually causes stunted hair growth, use your hands instead of a comb to loosen tangles. It would hurt less, and it would also save your hair a lot of shedding.


  • Reduce your use of external heat: Too much use of external heat makes the hair dry and brittle, thus encouraging breakage and discouraging growth. If possible allow your hair air dry most of the time.


  • Wrap your hair in a satin bonnet: A satin bonnet is instrumental in retaining moisture in your hair, and for your hair to properly grow it needs to be able to retain all the moisture it collects, that way it saves nutrients as well.


  • Take vegan vitamins. Groveda Solutions provides vegan vitamins supports not just hair, but skin and nails too. You can easily pour the vitamins into your favorite drink i.e. tea, juice, water. Your body needs the right nutrients to help support your hair growth goals from the inside, out. Groveda vitamins contain some amazing ingredients. Peony, Biotin and so much more. Go to the website at to find out even more ingredients that support your hair growth goals. 
  • Stree is a big factor in obtaining and retaining hair growth. Try to do things that you love like go on a vacation to Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, Nevada or even Cancun, Mexico possibly. Stress and hair loss are related. We're here to support you on your hair growth journey. Stay tuned for more details.Three types of hair loss that can be associated with high stress levels are Alopecia areata, Trichotillomania, Telogen effluvium. These types don't have to be permanent. 


We hope these have helped you in reaching your desired hair growth goals. Stimulating hair growth is not actually hard, you just need to know how to go about it. 

Groveda has helped thousands reach their hair growth goals in phenomenal ways. 



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