8 Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer

Charlene Demate

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Keeping your hair healthy this summer is a must! Protecting your hair while enjoying the summer sun is what we all want. Summer heat can ruin our hair and scalp too. That’s why these tips are very important. Here are some ways to protect your hair from the sun:

  • Avoid too many products

  • Using too many hair products can cause hair damage. Those harsh chemicals from all the hair products that you use in your hair, plus the summer heat that can really add up to the damage that can make your hair frizzy and unhealthy. Also, you should avoid dying your hair in this season. Harsh chemicals from hair colors can be drying.

  • Use the right conditioner
  • The summer heat can really be drying. Regular conditioning can really help your  hair be revitalized and regain its moisture. Choose a conditioner that suits your hair type and hair texture as well. If you are having a summer swim, remember to put a leave-in conditioner to avoid all the drying. Use Groveda’s Hair Growth serum to prevent all the drying and can even help to promote faster hair growth.

  • Shampoo with care
  • We all know that shampooing regularly can damage our hair too. Not just having to dry your hair but it can dry your scalp too. Whenever your scalp gets greasy and your scalp tend to sweat, you may consider using a mild shampoo with the summer weather. Try to apply the shampoo on your scalp only, to avoid getting too much chemical on your hair. Shampooing regularly can really cause drying on our scalp, but there are products that can be used to avoid this. Groveda's Creamy Shampoo is packed with essential vitamins to protect your hair from the summer heat, indeed. 

  • Swimming
  • We all love to swim under this type of weather. If you are going to swim, remember not to put shampoo on your hair before doing so. This may strip off all the natural oil that your hair has, which may result to damaged hair. After swimming, remember to use a strong hair mask, like Groveda Matcha Green Tea Avocado Hair Mask to avoid the drying and restore the moisture and essentials vitamins and oils that you need. The combination of ingredients in Groveda's hair mask will surely revitalize your hair from all those chemicals in the water. 


  • Avoid Heat
  • It may be impossible to avoid the summer heat in this weather. But, avoiding applying more heat on your hair is possible. Get rid of all those hair dryers, hair irons, curlers and more gadgets that can inflict more heat on your hair. These additional heat will make your hair damaged.


  • Drink lots of water
  • Remember to always hydrate yourself under this weather, not only for your hair but for your overall health as well. If you are not drinking enough water, your over all body can look dry. Your skin and hair are major parts of your body that benefits from drinking water. If you think water isn’t enough to make your hair and skin healthy. You can take supplements for hair, skin and nails as well. You can try Groveda’s Hair Growth Vitamins. Not only it can protect and make your hair healthier, but it can make your hair grow faster too. You may visit www.grovedasolutions.com


  • Co-wash
  • As I have mentioned in the above tip, shampooing regularly can really damage our hair. That’s why Co-wash is really the ideal hair care this summer. Co-wash means skipping your regular shampoos and go straight with conditioner. This may result to more manageable hair and softer hair. With this weather that can result to drying, you should really condition and use a lot of moisture on your hair.


  • Right Hair Products
  • Right products under this type of weather is very important. Choose products that can provide moisture, and make your hair replenished. Knowing your hair type plays also a vital role in choosing the right products.


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